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Learning to understand death

Ireland 1985. Houses and Scenes You Chose to Remember

Dublin 1985

Dublin 1985

Dublin Central Business District 1985

Dublin Housing 1985

Newer Houses Dublin 1985

Newer Houses Dublin 1985

Dublin Redevelopment 1985

Dublin Working Class Houses 1985

Irish Thatch House 1985

Irish countryside 1985

Monaghan 1985


Sovietesque New York. 1970s.

Brooklyn Highrises 1972

Soviet Statue 1972

Lower Manhattan 1975

NYC 1973

New York Lives. 1970s. Passing Through. We’re all Just Passing Through.

Brooklyn Fisherman

Coney Island Shopping 1975

Economic Protest in Coney Island 1975

Brooklyn Abandoned housing 1975

Coney Island 1975

 Brooklyn Business Center 1975

At the Manhattan Plant Store. 1972

A walk through Central Park. 1973

Midtown delivery bike 1972

My father’s photos bring me closer

New York City 1975

I think I was there. On your shoulder? In the van? At home with mom? Only unanswered questions remain.

You stopped there for a moment and saw this picture through your lens.  The same lens I found in a box on your bookshelf this Christmas. This is your view. Your eyes are watching this very moment. And though both of you no longer exist,  not long ago a parallel universe kept you both alive. I just never looked. And now this moment is all that remains.