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Brooklyn. Distant, Abandoned, Frozen in Time.

Brooklyn Across the East River 1975

So far away. In time and distance.  Some days I feel you near me, as if hovering nearby.  Faint images of your smile and a whispered hint of your words.  But it’s all just in my mind.  I can’t really see you, I can’t hear your voice and I can’t call you up for advice.  Like these Brooklyn Buildings.  Inaccessible, distant, closed off for good.





Abandoned and Empty.  I struggle at times to see a point.  But your whispers return to remind me to look again.  And learn.  You wouldn’t want us to succumb to fate.  Or let philosophical quandaries prevent us from enjoying our lives.   Perhaps we all end up alone.  Perhaps we all vanish into nothingness.   Meanwhile we can work to make the most of the world that exists today.  I hear your words and know what you would say.  Someday maybe I can take them to heart.

Brooklyn Residence 1975




Passing through.   Stopped in the road.  Never to reach its destiny. Frozen in time.  I look back and you are always there.  The pictures give glimpses into your life.  But never a chance to really know what was going through your mind.


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