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Such a long romance with New Orleans

More ghost buidings….

Was it May in reality or just on the slide? It may not matter. But it bothers me now that I will never know.

We were supposed to be there together. I needed you in November.

I walked these same streets without you. You could have taught us all so much.

Stopped in time. Heading to the Galery. An afterthought below the Balcony

So empty. In decline. What caught your eye? What story would you tell?

I'll have to return. Revisit the spots you thought to retain.

Twenty-eight on Bourbon Street, 1973. To hear your thoughts on that now...

So fragile and distant, hovering above the lake.

Jewel's Tavern, 1978. Fading already so long ago.

Low key business era

Beautiful balconies. Looking for signs. I keep hoping to spot ours in your slides.

Shotgun House 1978

Neighborhood stroll


Faded, chipped and crumbling down. Me and the House.

Faded, fragile, standing tall.


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